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Textile & Garments Group

Minar Group

The Founder launched our first venture, Minar Textile Ltd. And over the years, strong ethics and commitment helped Minar Group to become the market leader.Since early 80s Bangladesh started...
Dec 13, 2007 Clicks: 41 Pagerank: 2 Comments

Mohammadi Group

Mohammadi Group is a fairly large setup, established in 1986, and well reputed in manufacturing of Dress & Casual Shirts. After being in the business with Wovens for over 17 years, Mohammadi Group...
Nov 16, 2008 Clicks: 28 Pagerank: 2 Comments

Mondol Group

Mondol Group is one of the market leaders in exporting garment products of Bangaldesh. The Group Yields at present producing about 3000 metric tons of exotic Fabrics and 21 million pieces of...
Dec 13, 2007 Clicks: 95 Pagerank: -1 Comments

Moni Group

Webpage of Moni Group
Dec 13, 2007 Clicks: 25 Pagerank: -1 Comments

Mostafa Group

Mostafa Group has been engaged in business since 1952 and developed the business activities in commercial, import, export, manufacturing of steel products, Iron, MS Rod, Ship Breaking, Artificial...
Dec 13, 2007 Clicks: 33 Pagerank: 2 Comments

Nipa Group

NIPA has owned and managed by the members of NIPA GROUP. The company is the conglomerate of different units of independent & integrated companies which have acting is close harmony and cohesion...
Dec 13, 2007 Clicks: 269 Pagerank: -1 Comments

Oneway Textile Group

Oneway Textile is a modern knit manufacturer of high quality exportable fabrics and apparels in Bangladesh having all state of the art facilities with monthly turn over US$ 1.5 million. It is...
Nov 5, 2008 Clicks: 37 Pagerank: -1 Comments

Pride Group

Pride group is a vertical textile group engaged in the manufacture and export of knitwear products to the European Union, the USA , & Canada . The group is also engaged in production and marketing...
Jan 13, 2008 Clicks: 117 Pagerank: 3 Comments

Sandiana Group

Garment manufacturing group from Bangladesh producing swetaers, woven and knit products.
May 28, 2008 Clicks: 52 Pagerank: -1 Comments

Sepal Group

Sepal Group is one of the leading ventures in the garment industry operating from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The group comprises of the six companies: Sepal Garments Ltd, Orchid Garments Ltd, Mastrade...
Jul 20, 2008 Clicks: 80 Pagerank: -1 Comments

Shanta Group

Shanta Group, based in Bangladesh, is a group of Industries with sustained goodwill and expertise in exports oriented ready-made garment manufacturing. Product: All types of Woven Tops and Bottom....
Dec 13, 2007 Clicks: 109 Pagerank: 1 Comments

Standard Group

One of the leading garments group of companies from Bangladesh
Oct 26, 2007 Clicks: 380 Pagerank: -1 Comments




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