June 27, 1844: <a href="/ce6/society/A0829000.html">Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints</a> founder <a href="/ce6/people/A0845622.html">Joseph Smith</a> was murdered by a mob in Carthage, Ill.
June 27, 1898: Joshua Slocum became the first person to successfully circumnavigate the earth alone when he landed his sloop Spray in Newport, R.I., a 46,000-mile trip.
June 27, 1922: The <a href="/node/1043">Newbery Medal</a> for children&#x2019;s literature was first awarded.
June 27, 1950: President <a href="/ce6/people/A0849533.html">Harry S. Truman</a> ordered the Air Force and Navy into the <a href="/ce6/history/A0828118.html">Korean War</a>.
June 27, 1954: The world&#39;s first atomic power station opened at Obninsk, near <a href="/ce6/world/A0834155.html">Moscow</a>.
June 27, 1969: Police and gays clashed at the Stonewall Inn in New York City, fostering the <a href="/node/8034">gay rights movement</a>.
June 27, 1985: The legendary Route 66, running from <a href="/node/70107">Chicago</a> to <a href="/ce6/us/A0843565.html">Santa Monica, Calif.</a>, was decertified, the victim of the <a href="/node/156345">Interstate Highway System</a>.
June 27, 2003: The national do-not-call registry, formed to combat unwanted telemarketing calls and administered by the <a href="/ce6/history/A0818390.html">Federal Trade Commission,</a> enrolled almost three-quarters of a million phone numbers on its first day.
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