May 24, 1844: <p><a href="/ce6/people/A0834120.html">Samuel Morse</a> transmitted the first telegraph message, in which he asked, "What hath God wrought?"</p>
May 24, 1883: The <a href="/ce6/us/A0809089.html">Brooklyn Bridge</a>, linking Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York City, opened to traffic.
May 24, 1899: W.T. McCullough of Boston, Mass., opened the first public garage. One could rent space for selling, storing and repairing vehicles.
May 24, 1935: <a href="/node/81021">Major League Baseball</a>&#x2019;s first night game was played under the lights at Cincinnati&#x2019;s Crosley Field as the hometown Reds defeated Philadelphia, 2&#x2013;1.
May 24, 1958: The United Press and the International News Service merged to form <a href="/ipd/A0715217.html">United Press International (UPI)</a>.
May 24, 1976: The British and French Concordes made their first commercial flights.
May 24, 2000: Israeli troops pulled out of <a href="/node/156465">Lebanon</a> after 18 consecutive years of occupation.
May 24, 2001: Vermont senator <a href="/node/147202">James Jeffords</a> quit the Republican Party and became an Independent, giving Democrats control of the Senate.
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