December 16, 1653: <a href="/ce6/people/A0814098.html">Oliver Cromwell</a> became lord protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
December 16, 1773: The <a href="/ce6/history/A0808443.html">Boston Tea Party</a> took place.
December 16, 1916: <a href="/ce6/people/A0841181.html">Grigori Rasputin</a> assassinated by a group of noble Russian conspirators.
December 16, 1920: One of the <a href="/node/10097">deadliest earthquakes</a> in history hit the Gansu province in China. The 8.6 quake killed 200,000 people.
December 16, 1944: The <a href="/ce6/history/A0806500.html">Battle of the Bulge</a> during World War II began in Belgium.
December 16, 1990: <a href="/ce6/people/A0804700.html">Jean-Bertrand Aristide</a> was elected president of <a href="/node/70507">Haiti</a> in the country's first democratic elections.
December 16, 2000: <a href="/node/147033">Colin Powell</a> was selected to become the first African-American secretary of state.
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